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New Customer Notification


The Sales Ledger Addon for Sage 200 automatically sends an email with terms and conditions when a new sales ledger account is created in Sage 200.  The email can include attachments with full terms and conditions, such as a pdf.

The email is initiated from the “Save And Send Terms” button at the foot of the “Enter New Sales Ledger Account” screen. The email will be sent to the default contact’s email address. A simple setting screen allows the user to setup and amend the text contained in the email.

The Sage 200 Customer Stock Codes Addon allows the user to create customer specific stock lists, that are linked to standard stock codes.

The user can, at order entry, enter the customer’s stock code from the customer’s purchase order, and Sage 200 will reference the corresponding stock code.   This makes entry of sales orders easier, as you can enter the data as your customers order the items from you.

These customer stock lists can be entered from the customer screen, or imported form a .CSV file.

You can also print the customer’s stock code on the customer documentation, for example delivery notes and invoices. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Improve the speed and efficiency of your sales ordering processing
  • Customer focused – improve customer relationships
  • Relates to customers therefore you can save time finding stock codes

Customer Stock Codes


Customer Order Number Check


When a user is entering or amending a sales order in Sage 200, they have the option as standard to enter a customer order no. on the sales order header.

Our Customer Order Number Check Addon extends the functionality on this screen to check whether the customer order number that has been entered by the user has already been used on a previous sales order for the same customer.

The Create New Customer on the Fly Addon gives the user the ability to create a new customer directly from the Sales Order Processing (SOP) screen. Once this has been created, the new account is automatically selected in the SOP.

Create New Customer on the Fly


Customer Bank Details


Provides an additional tab to the sales ledger account in Sage 200 which allows for customer bank details to be stored.