Sage Enhancements

The Postcode Integration Addon is a general utility for Sage 200 that utilises AFD’s postcode software to generate an address from a post code anywhere within Sage 200. Simply type in the post code and automatically populate the address fields.

Note: this Addon also requires purchase of a AFD Postcode licence for each PC requiring postcode searching, and must be purchased directly from them. To find out more about AFD’s Postcode software, visit their website.

Postcode Integration

MMS367 (formerly MMS120)

Standard Cost Price Import or Export


The Standard Cost Price Import/Export Addon for Sage 200 allows you to maintain and update standard cost prices out-with Sage 200.

This functionality allows you to export all standard cost stock items by selected product group to a user specified external export file.  The standard cost price per item can be amended and updated and then the file saved to be imported.

It also validates the file for errors and then if no validation errors are reported, it is imported directly back into Sage 200.

Our Sage 200 Price List Maintenance Addon allows for percentage base updates to price bands for example, you can quickly add 10% to an entire price band.

Price List Maintenance


Delete Nominal Codes


Our Sage 200 Delete Nominal Codes Addon provides a quick method to delete out nominal codes which are not in use. This follows Sage 200 rules as to whether the nominal code can be deleted.

Our Sage 200 Allocate Payments Addon automatically allocates receipts back to invoices based on the second reference field, for example to allocate a receipt back to a sales order.

Allocate Payments


Order Drilldown


Our Sage 200 Order Drill Down Addon allows users to view previous orders and returns relating to the selected item within the Transaction Enquiry Form.

Our Sage 200 Save, Receive and Credit Addon adds a button on the sales return that allows the return to be saved, received and credited with one click of a button. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Ideal for trade counter and similar sales ordering environments
  • Print credit note at the point of return – improve customer relationships – no need to wait around for the credit note to be generated
  • Provides the user with a paper trail and history of their returns

Save, Receive and Credit


Price Book Copy Discounts


Our Sage Price Book Copy Discounts Addon allows end users to set a ‘standard’ discount for generic use and to copy and amend this discount for use against individual accounts/groups of accounts.

This Addon is much easier to set up than the Price Book discounts Addon for Sage 200 which can be complex to set up.