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Sales Ledger Standard Letters Plus


The Standard Letters Plus Addon is a Sage 200 Sales ledger utility which introduces the same flexibility available in Sage 50 to the Sage 200 product.

End users can select which customers are to receive a debt letter where as standard Sage 200 sends a letter to all customers meeting the letter criteria.

The Receipts to Multiple Accounts Addon is a time saving Sage 200 Sales Ledger utility. This is a must for anyone working with head office/branch customer where the head office sends one cheque covering multiple branch accounts.

Normally the allocation needs to be calculated outside the system and then multiple receipts processed through the sales ledger – this Addon allows a single receipt to be allocated to multiple sales ledger accounts.

Sales Receipt Allocation to Multiple Accounts


Create Sales Ledger Price Lists


The Create Sales Ledger Price Lists module for Sage 200 automates the creation of price lists for sales ledger accounts. The price list is named the same as the sales ledger account reference and the account is automatically attached to price list.

Options for setting prices are also available in this time saving utility.

The Purchase Invoice Posting Check Reference for Sage 200 Addon utility helps avoid duplicating Purchase Invoice entry. It differs from standard Sage 200 functionality by automatically checking for duplicate references in both reference fields when recording purchase invoices.

Purchase Invoice Posting Check Reference


Link Sales Ledger Account to Serial Number Items


The Line Sales Ledger Account to Serial Number Items Addon lists all serial number sales to a sales ledger account. This is very useful when tracking warranty and sales history to a sales ledger account.

The Multiple On-Hold Status Addon for Sage 200 allows for Sales Ledger accounts to have more than one hold status.

Each hold status can be specified by the user and permits the sales order processing to progress to various stages, i.e. can place order but not despatch.

Multiple On-Hold Status


Sales Accounts On Hold


The Sales Accounts on Hold Addon allows the user to streamline the process of selectively putting Sales Accounts off and on hold, based on their available credit and overdue invoices. available credit and the overdue invoice amount.

The top section of the screen shows accounts which are currently on hold and the bottom displays accounts which have overdue amounts and can be put on hold.   Individual and multiple accounts can be selected from either screen and put on/off hold.

Standard Sage 200 requires the user to access each sales account individually to place the account on hold.  Sales Accounts on Hold by-passes the need to enter the individual account, greatly speeding up the credit control process and ensuring that finance executives are on top of all overdue invoices.

The Amend Nominal Narratives Addon introduces new functionality allowing nominal narratives to be edited. This is very useful in terms of reporting and compensates for the inflexibility of narratives within the standard Sage 200 product.

Amend Nominal Narratives


Sales Ledger Credit & Receipt Allocations


Our Sage 200 Sales Ledger Credit and Receipt Allocations Addon modifies the Sales Ledger Allocations (MMS158) to allow for partial allocations and allows credit notes to be allocated against invoices.

Our Sage 200 Batch Supplier Invoices Addon adds a batch entry screen for supplier invoices to allow multiple invoices to be entered into the purchase ledger on a single screen.

Batch Supplier Invoices


Bank Permissions


Our Sage 200 Bank Permissions Addon restricts the bank details shown on purchase or sales ledger accounts using 3 different levels of security:

  • No Access
  • View Only
  • Amendable

Sales Ledger Head office for Sage 200 allows you to post invoices to a head office account while associating all of the transaction history to a branch. This is very beneficial when head office payments are allocated in one account.

Head office for Sage 200 allows you to extend your sales ledger screens so that you can enter, amend and view sales ledger accounts.

A new ‘Invoice Addressing and Posting’ tab is added to the screens & contains check boxes for two new settings:

  • ‘Use head office for invoicing stationery’ – If checked the address of the head office which this account is linked to will be displayed on any invoice printouts in place of the account address.
  • ‘Post invoices to head office’ – If checked the system will automatically re-post the invoices for this sales ledger account to the head office account.

You can now setup multiple head office accounts per branch. This allows you to set up the relationship between a branch and multiple head offices as well as handling your re-posting of the invoice document and transaction. 

Sales Ledger Head Office

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