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Purchase Orders Shortfall Generation


Our Sage 200 Warehouse Shortfall PO Generation Addon is an alternative to the standard Generate Orders for Sage 200 screen and works more like the Warehouse Shortfall for Sage 50 functionality.

We have developed a number of bespoke versions of this Addon mimicking customer specific ‘rules’ for re-ordering.

The Back to Back Purchase Orders Addon provides a simple back to back ordering process for sales and purchase orders in Sage 200.

This Addon allows multiple purchase orders to be created from a single sales order in Sage 200. The system then links the sales and purchase orders together.

Back to Back Purchase Order


Create Purchase Return from Order


Creating a return to a supplier can be a difficult task in Sage 200, especially as the information is normally already entered on a purchase order.

The Purchase Orders – Create Purchase Return from Order Addon simplifies the process by adding a button to the create purchase return screen. This shows all of the purchase orders raised for the selected supplier and all of the lines on those orders, making the raising of the return a more simplified process and ensuring that the correct prices are selected. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Save time by quickly and easily processing a return directly from a sales order
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Very slick purchase order returns process as you can select multiple items from an existing order
  • No manual re-keying or looking up items

The Purchase Order – Immediate Receipt Addon was designed for a client who created purchase orders retrospectively when the goods arrived. A single button goes straight from purchase order to goods received in one move.

Purchase Order Immediate Receipt


Purchase Order Edit Screen


The Purchase Order Edit Screen Addon compensates for the difficulties of editing large purchase orders within the standard Sage 200 screen. This is a simple grid list of all lines that allows quick and easy editing and the ability to add new lines. This Addon can also be used as a simple order creation utility.

The Sales Purchase History by Supplier Addon for Sage 200 is a purchasing utility aimed at providing information for buyers by highlighting both purchases and sales of products over a 12-month period. The data can be exported for use in Microsoft Excel.

Sales/Purchase History by Supplier


Purchase Order Enquiry Form


Our Purchase Order Enquiry Form Addon for Sage 200 creates a new Purchase Order Processing (POP) enquiry screen that gives an enquiry similar to that found in Sage 50, such as list part received, received but not invoiced.

This Purchase Order Enquiry Addon simply creates a new form that displays all outstanding purchase orders.  It gives the added functionality of selecting what stage these purchase orders are at, for example part received, invoiced.  The order can also be viewed and amended.

The Purchase Orders – Receive Goods in Multiple Bins Addon overcomes the difficulties within standard Sage 200 of receiving goods to a warehouse that need to be placed in multiple bin locations. This Addon allows the goods to be received into multiple locations in one move.

Purchase Orders Receive Goods in Multiple Bins


Allocate All on Goods Received


The Purchase Order – Allocate all on Goods Received Addon speeds up the process of allocating current receipt of stock to outstanding sales orders. Allocation is by age with the oldest orders receiving stock first

The Adjust and Receive All on Goods Received Addon is a very useful tool, providing two key functions:

  • Quick and simple receive all process avoiding the need for completing each line.
  • Allowing you to amend the original order to reflect the quantity delivered. This works in two ways, if 100 items have been ordered and 98 are delivered the order line is reduced to 98 to allow the order to be marked fully delivered. However, if 102 are delivered and you are accepting these then the order line is amended to be 102 units and again marked as fully delivered.

Adjust and Receive All on Goods Received


Merge Purchase Orders


Our Sage 200 Merge Purchase Orders module allows you to merge two or more purchase orders for the same supplier, which cancels the existing orders and creates a newly merged order.

This Addon also ensures additional fields such as the Line Requested Dates field are copied across on the purchase order when purchase orders are merged.

The Back to Back Sales Orders Addon provides a simple back to back ordering process for sales and purchase orders in Sage 200.

This Addon allows multiple sales orders to be created from a single purchase order in Sage 200. The system then links the sales and purchase orders together.

Back to Back Sales Order


Comment Line Defaults


Our Sage 200 Comment Line Defaults Addon adds a drop down onto the Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing line enter new comment screen allowing a default comment to be selected.

The Trader Invoice – Credit Auto Reference Addon for Sage 200 allows for reference numbers to be automatically generated on the sales invoice and purchase invoice form.

At the point of creating a purchase ledger invoice/credit the Addon will automatically create an incremental number which it will enter into the reference.

Trader Invoice – Credit Auto Reference


Purchase Invoice Select All


Our Sage 200 Purchase Invoice Select All Addon allows you to select all orders which have items to be invoiced and select all the available goods received notes for that order.

Our Sage 200 Order Management Addon is used when editing a purchase order or sales order.  The Addon enables you to apply the changed requested dates, promised dates, or analysis codes to all the items in the order in one click.

Order Management


Expose Supplier Part Reference


The Expose Supplier Part Reference Addon is particularly useful when supplier part numbers are more important than your own.  The Addon exposes the supplier part reference on the item grids in the following Purchase Order Processing screens:

  • Confirm Goods Receive
  • Amend Purchase Order
  • Record Purchase Invoices

From talking to our customers, we have found that they find the standard generate orders screen in Sage 200 difficult to use, especially when they have lots of stock items.

As a result, we created the Generate Orders plus Addon for Sage 200.  This Addon allows the end user to filter the form by product group or default supplier, which means that purchase orders can be created by product group or by default supplier.

Generate Purchase Orders Plus