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Sales Order Profit Warning


Our Sales Order Profit Warning Addon allows profit margins to be set at order level, stock category level, or at individual product level. Whenever a line item or total order falls below the pre-set percentage a warning is given.

A setting to allow/not allow end users to proceed is available.

This Addon is used where tight control over margins is required but giving end users the flexibility to amend prices within guidelines.

The Sales Order – Save and Invoice Addon speeds up the sales order process by turning the full sales order for Sage 200 screen into a tradecounter screen, without losing the additional functionality of the full sales order for Sage 200 entry screen.

This Addon provides a single button that will save the order, despatch the allocated stock and produce the invoice in one go.

Sales Orders – Save and Invoice


Sales Orders – Apply Aggregate Discounts


This clever Sage 200 Sales Order/Price Book Addon allows quantity discounts to be applied across a stock category e.g. a 10% quantity discount is set for screw nails at 5 x 1000 screw nails i.e. buy 5000 and get 10% discount.

Standard Sage 200 will only apply the discount to individual stock items i.e. if you buy 5000 size 8 screw nails you will get discount but if you buy 1000 of sizes 4,5,6,7 and 8 you get no discount – this Sage 200 Addon will apply the discount across the 5 items.

The Sales Order Despatch and Invoice Addon speeds up the sales order process within Sage 200.  It allows an allocation on a sales order to be despatched and invoiced at the same time as opposed to two distinct stages as per standard Sage 200.

This Addon provides you with a single button which saves the despatch and creates an invoice at the same time. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Despatch and invoice at the time of the sales order
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Ideal for trade counter and cash and carry environments where invoices are immediately provided
  • Improve the speed and completion of your sales order processing
  • Quickly despatch and invoice goods in the click of one button – no need to go through multiple processes to complete these processes

Sales Order Despatch and Invoice


Sales Order Save and Print


The Sales Order – Save and Print Addon allows a user to print a copy of an order automatically after the new sales order is saved.

This sales order document is fully customisable using the standard Sage Report Designer.  Sage 200 allows order acknowledgements to be printed and this must be done for all orders.  The copy order will automatically print/ spool/ preview depending on the user settings once the order is saved.

The user will save time should they require the copy order to be produced immediately.

The Sales Order Invoice Post Plus Addon for Sage 200 allows for control of which Invoice(s) and Credit Note(s) can be posted via a selected list.

It shows the individual invoices or credit notes for selection which can be filtered by dates and customer accounts with the same posting report produced as with standard Sage 200.

Sales Order Invoice Posting Plus


Sales Order – Allocate All


The Sage 200 Sales Order Allocate All Addon allows all lines on a sales order to be allocated at the same time.

If settings allow negative stock, then an allocation will take place even if there is no stock. This is a time saving Addon for anyone requiring forced allocation. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Time saving as you can rapidly allocate stock items to an order that may not be in stock forcing you into a stock deficit
  • Quickly and easily allocate stock to an order
  • Allow stock to be allocated to a sales order without having items in stock
  • Know what stock items need to be purchased due to the deficit stock figures

The Sales Order Save Allocate and Despatch Addon for Sage 200 aims to speed up the order process. This product adds a new ‘Save, Allocate and Despatch’ button to the sales order processing order entry screens, which forces full allocation of all items on the order and opens the despatch screen with the order selected and ready to confirm.

If stock items are set to allow negative stock, then forced allocation will take place.

Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Ideal for trade counter and cash & carry environments
  • Save, allocate, invoice and despatch a sales order in 1 click of a button
  • One click for 4 rapid and efficient processes
  • Improve the speed of your sales order processing

Sales Order – Save, Allocate and Despatch


Sales Orders – Save and Receive on Sales Return


The Sales Order – Save and Receive on Sales Returns Addon for Sage 200 speeds up the process of immediate receipt of goods returned from customers.

This one-click operation saves the sales return and opens the goods received screen for completion. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Quickly and easily return multiple items back into stock
  • Amend the quantity of goods returned from the existing Sales Order
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Ideal for large companies with complex return processes

The Sales Order – Compulsory PO Number Addon for Sage 200 ensures any sales order in Sage 200 has a customer order number, i.e. the customer order number box cannot be blank.

Sales Orders – Compulsory Purchase Order Number


Sales Orders – Create Return from Invoice


The Sage 200 Sales Order Create Return from Invoice Addon creates a sales return direct from an invoice all prices and discounts offered on the original sales order are copied to the sales return, ensuring that the credit raised accurately reflects the original invoice.

The Sales Order – Save and Acknowledge Addon allows you to automatically generate an order acknowledgement immediately after the order is entered.  This is done by clicking the Save and Acknowledge button at the bottom of the screen without having to use the separate routine of Print Acknowledgement within Sage 200.

The order acknowledgement will automatically print/spool/preview depending on the user settings. The sales order acknowledgement document is fully customisable using the standard Sage Report Designer.

This Addon saves time should you require the order acknowledgement to be produced immediately.

Sales Order – Save and Acknowledge


Sales Order – New Order Print Picking List


The Sage 200 Sales Order New Order Print Picking List Addon allows early printing of picking list.  This is useful where serial/batch numbers are being used and require an early check on stock availability. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Module was designed to enable businesses to print a picking list without saving the order – easily check if items are in stock before processing an order
  • If items are not in stock and unavailable, you do not have to proceed and save the existing order

Our Sage 200 Sales Order Processing Deallocate All Addon allows you to quickly deallocate all of the items on the order.

Sales Order Processing Deallocate All


Back to Back Sales Order


The Back to Back Sales Orders Addon provides a simple back to back ordering process for sales and purchase orders in Sage 200.

This Addon allows multiple sales orders to be created from a single purchase order in Sage 200. The system then links the sales and purchase orders together.

Our Sage 200 Comment Line Defaults Addon adds a drop down onto the sales order processing and purchase order processing line enter new comment screen allowing a default comment to be selected.

Comment Line Defaults


Amend Completed Order Analysis


Our Sage 200 Amend Completed Order Analysis Addon updates analysis code fields on completed sales orders at either header level or item line levels.

The Trader Invoice – Credit Auto Reference Addon for Sage 200 allows for reference numbers to be automatically generated on the sales invoice and purchase invoice form.

At the point of creating a purchase ledger invoice/credit the Addon will automatically create an incremental number which it will enter into the reference.

Trader Invoice – Credit Auto Reference


Save and Print Picking List


Our Sage 200 Save and Print Picking List Addon allows the user to print a pick list after the order is saved so that the order number shows in the pick list.

Our Sage 200 Order Management Addon is used when editing a purchase order or sales order.  The Addon enables you to apply the changed requested dates, promised dates, or analysis codes to all the items in the order in one click.

Order Management


Simple Sales Order Processing Allocations


Our Sage 200 Simple Sales Order Processing Addon is a simple way of allocating stock to a sales order.

Our Sage 200 Sales Order Processing Line Weight Addon modifies the sales order screen to show the unit weight of each item and the total weight of the order so that users can estimate shipping costs.

Sales Order Processing Line Weight


Sales Order Return Attachments


As standard, Sage 200 allows you to attach files such as documents or images to a customer’s sales ledger account via the Attachments tab on the customer record. Our Sage 200 Sales Order Return Attachments Addon takes this a step further, allowing you to attach files to an individual sales order or sales return, specifically related to that order/return, which can be viewed for reference in the future.

This Sage 200 Addon also allows multiple documents to be attached to each sales order/sales return if required and users can enter a brief description of each document for reference. After the sales order/sales return has been saved, users will then be able to view these attachments when viewing or amending the sales order/return by clicking on the Attachments tab, highlighting the file in the list and clicking on View to open the document.

When a user is entering or amending a sales order in Sage 200, they have the option as standard to enter a customer order no. on the sales order header.

Our Customer Order Number Check Addon extends the functionality on this screen to check whether the customer order number that has been entered by the user has already been used on a previous sales order for the same customer.

Customer Order Number Check


Cancel Invoice and Amend Sales Order


The Cancel Invoice and Amend Sales Order Addon for Sage 200 saves you a considerable amount of time when editing or amending invoices.

When an invoice is cancelled, this Sage Addon will then cancel the despatch. The sales order is then opened automatically to allow you to make the appropriate amendments to the order. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Quickly and easily amend a sales order whilst cancelling the existing invoice
  • Cancelling the previous invoice and amending the order will recreate a new invoice and sales order
  • Amend order quantity or information prior to shipping etc.

The Create Return from Sales Order Addon for Sage 200 makes the process of issuing a sales return much easier for the user.  It is a simple Sage 200 Addon which allows a sales return to be created directly from the sales order. Individual order lines can then be selected to be returned.

Create Return from Sales Order


Sales Order Credit Warning


Standard functionality of Sage 200 works solely on credit limit, with the customer being either below or above credit limit.  As standard, if a customer has a balance that is under the credit limit, Sage 200 will allow the order to be processed.

The Sales Order Credit Warning Addon checks the age of the debt and issues a warning to the user about any overdue invoices.  Our Sales Order Credit Warning Addon works in a similar way to Multisoft debt control.

Our SOP Enquiry Form Addon for Sage 200 creates a new sales order processing enquiry screen that gives an enquiry similar to that found in Sage 50.  Such as list part delivered and despatched but not invoiced.

The SOP Enquiry Form Addon lists all outstanding sales orders giving the stage that they are at including part delivered, allocated and part invoiced.  The order can also be viewed and amended.

Sales Order Enquiry Form


Save and Despatch


The Sales Order Processing Save & Despatch Addon for Sage 200 speeds up the order process by allowing the user to both save and despatch the order with one click. In addition, all appropriate printing is carried out.

The Override Cancelled Order Lines Warning module provides you with an option to record cancelled order lines for sales orders so that these can easily be reported on from within Sage 200.

Enabling the standard Sage 200 option will display a pop-up message to the user asking them whether they would like to record a cancelled order line whenever they remove a line from an existing sales order.

This Addon will allow users to disable the pop-up message from being displayed to users asking them if they would like to record a cancelled order line.

This module will instead automatically record cancelled order lines for all removed or reduced sales order lines, assuming the standard Sage 200 sales order processing setting “Record details of cancelled orders for future analysis” has also been enabled.

Override Cancelled Order Lines Warning



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