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Stock Location Utility


The Stock Location Utility Addon allows users to assign products globally to an existing or a new location within Sage 200 stock. Stock re-order, minimum and maximum levels can also be controlled by using this utility.

Within Sage 200 stock items have to be added individually to existing and new locations. The Stock Location Utility allows users to selectively carry out this task by choosing the required stock from the relevant location, product groups, then further by stock code. They can also create a new location and add the required products.

Order levels can also be entered/updated using this facility and can be globally updated by selecting the location, product group and codes required.

The Stock Image Utility Addon allows multiple image files to be linked to an individual stock record. These images can be multiple sizes and are related automatically via a naming convention. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Resizes images for your website with the ability to automatically generate thumbnails.
  • Automatically renames images to the stock item code so they can easily be picked up by your website.
  • Drop images into a folder and it will automatically pick them up in the system.
  • Links with our Data Exchange for Sage 200 to automatically upload the images to your website saving you time and getting your latest products to your website instantly.
  • Sends emails to customers using your internal SMTP server, select your SL customers directly from a list.
  • Helps to improve sales by showing customers exactly what they are buying.
  • Use it for reference in your warehouse when picking items to get the correct item every time.

Stock Image Utility


Product Category Import


The Product Group Import Addon allows for quick import of Stock Product Groups from a CSV file. This saves time on the standard Sage 200 import product groups as the .CSV file does not require as many fields for the import to go ahead.

Our Sage 200 Multiple Stock Transfer Screen Addon overcomes the limitations of standard stock transfer for Sage 200, only allowing one stock item to be transferred at a time.

With this Addon, a single screen allows multiple items from multiple warehouses to be transferred at the same time.

Multiple Stock Transfer Screen


Stocktake via Handheld Device


The Stocktake via Handheld Device Addon allows Sage 200 stock to be counted via a handheld device, saved as a .CSV file and imported to the standard ‘enter count’ screen.

The data is imported via standard .CSV file and does not need to be collected on a handheld device. In addition, when used in conjunction with the Stock Code Aliasing Addon (MMS178) any product bar code can be used instead of stock codes.

The Stock Edit Utility Addon gives you increased control and flexibility over stock items’ nominal codes in Sage 200. This functionality allows batch updates of nominal codes, to minimise incorrect and suspense postings.

In addition, there are also utilities that allow you for import commodity codes to existing stock items, delete batches of stock items and import product groups. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Stock Edit Utility minimises incorrect postings arising from stock control.
  • Nominal codes can be edited on all items, and all items in a particular product group.
  • Product groups’ nominal codes can also be updated, to ensure that new stock items are created with the correct nominal codes.
  • Current Sage 200 functionality only allows you to edit one product at a time whereas our Sage 200 Stock Edit Addon will allow multiple items to be updated.
  • Commodity codes can be imported to existing stock items, allowing existing products to be updated. This is useful for companies who have increased imports/exports and have a new requirement to deal with Intrastat.
  • Stock Edit allows for deletion of all stock items that Sage 200 will allow to be deleted, useful for anyone who has been using Sage 200 for a while and want to tidy their stock items.

Stock Edit Utility


Sales/Purchase History by Supplier


The Sales Purchase History by Supplier Addon for Sage 200 is a purchasing utility aimed at providing information for buyers by highlighting both purchases and sales of products over a 12-month period. The data can be exported for use in Microsoft Excel.

The Retail Stock Transfer Addon for Sage 200 brings new functionality to Sage 200 stock transfers.

Effectively this Addon creates an internal purchase order for transferring stock between branches or warehouses and was originally created for the retail environment. Stock is transferred from branch to a transit location and then from transit location to receiving warehouse with all appropriate paperwork.

Damages in transit can also be written off as part of the process.

Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Move multiple stock items from a warehouse and bin location very quickly and accurately
  • Easily document retail stock transfers
  • Provides you with a clear visibility of stock levels for each location
  • Easily mark items off as damaged in transit and report on these elements
  • Receive multiple items by the click of one button – no need to manually mark thousands of stock items as received

Retail Stock Transfer


Stock Code Aliasing


The Stock Code Aliasing Addon for Sage 200 allows multiple stock codes to be allocated against a single stock item, this is similar to the barcode functionality but allows supplier and/or manufacturer codes to be used.

No stock code alias can be allocated against two stock products.

Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Supplier and customer focused allowing you to enhance relationships
  • Improve processes through multiple codes relating to the same item
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Speed up and improve your Sage 200 processes

The Sage 200 Customer Stock Codes Addon allows the user to create customer specific stock lists, that are linked to standard stock codes.  The user can, at order entry, enter the customer’s stock code from the customer’s purchase order, and Sage 200 will reference the corresponding stock code.   This makes entry of sales orders easier, as you can enter the data as your customers order the items from you.

These customer stock lists can be entered from the customer screen, or imported form a .CSV file.

You can also print the customer’s stock code on the customer documentation, for example delivery notes and invoices. Benefits of this Addon include:

  • Improve the speed and efficiency of your sales ordering processing
  • Customer focused – improve customer relationships
  • Relates to customers therefore you can save time finding stock codes

Customer Stock Codes


Warehouse Level Import


Our Sage 200 Warehouse Level Import Addon allows users to import warehouse minimum and maximum level values into the Sage 200 system using a .CSV file.

Our Sage 200 Units of Measure Setup Helper Addon allows users to amend their existing stock setup, easily changing the unit precision so each product group and stock item is changed accordingly.

Units of Measure Setup Helper


Supplier Stock Codes


Our Supplier Stock Codes Addon amends the stock lookup so that if a supplier stock code is entered it will find the related stock item and set that on the line.

Our Sage 200 Stock Analysis Codes Addon allows for 20 additional fields to be specified against a stock item record for easier reporting and exporting to third party systems.

Stock Analysis Codes


Stock Item Supplier Import/Export


As standard, Sage 200 allows you to record multiple suppliers against a stock item via the Suppliers tab, including details such as the lead time, usual/minimum order quantity, and supplier stock
code for this item for each supplier, however this information has to be entered manually against each stock item.

Our Stock Item Supplier Import/Export Addon allows you to add or update
supplier details against multiple stock items via an import file rather than having to manually amend each stock item record and to export the stock item supplier information out of Sage
200 if required.

This Addon adds a new form within Sage 200 where users can browse to a CSV file containing the supplier stock item details that they would like to update and import this into Sage 200. The file will be validated to ensure that it meets the standard Sage 200 business rules before being imported.

The Create New Stock Item on the Fly Addon allows the user to create a new stock item without leaving the Sales Order Processing (SOP) or Purchase Order Processing (POP) screen.

Once the stock item has been created, it is added to the SOP/ POP order line.  This Addon replicates the functionality of Sage 50 and is particularly popular with customers that have migrated from Sage 50 to Sage 200.

Create Stock item on the Fly


Product Group Import


The Product Group Import Addon allows for quick import of stock product groups from a CSV file. This saves time on the standard Sage 200 import product groups as the .CSV file does not require as many fields for the import to go ahead.

This is a variation of our MMS117 Shortfall Addon. This Addon shows the stock items which have fallen below the re-order level for the warehouse and are required for Purchase Ordering. It also takes into account orders that are in the Sales Order Process, that have no allocation, when calculating stock requirements.

This is useful for businesses that have complex purchasing with large forward order books.

Warehouse Shortfall with Forward Purchase Orders


Stock Sales or Purchase History By Supplier


This addon is an enquiry screen which will display sales or purchases by supplier over the past 12 months.

It is very useful to a company buyer for forecasting buying requirements for the following year.

The screen can be filtered by sales or purchases and then further filtered by the product group.  There is the standard right click on this screen which will give the options to find, send to excel and print.  The preferred supplier status is also listed on the screen per stock item.