A sudden increase in sales on your Ecommerce site can surely only be a good thing.

More sales mean more profit; more profit means more growth however, this can create issues for your business.

Let’s go over the sales process from order to fulfilment. An order comes in from your Ecommerce site; yourself or a member of staff open the order, manually update or copy and paste the details into a sales order in your ERP system, which is sent over to fulfilment to be picked, packaged and shipped. You also need to keep an eye on your stock levels, remembering to raise a purchase order if you notice items running low.

This can be a laborious process when dealing with a small number of orders; but what happens when sales start to pick up?  You haven’t had time to process the backlog of orders and update stock meaning you oversell items, having to contact customers individually to explain you are unable to fulfil their orders.

This results in refunds, complaints and a damaged reputation, leading customers to go elsewhere.

Managing Orders From Your Ecommerce Site

The Problem

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Ecommerce Integration

The Solution

By integrating your Ecommerce platform with your ERP, stock management and fulfilment systems you can ensure accuracy, cut costs and automate this entire process.

Our solution lets you to create connections between disparate systems, allowing information to flow freely between them.

Picture this; an order comes in from your Ecommerce site, the customer and sales order are automatically generated in your ERP system, the order is then sent to fulfilment where it is packaged and shipped, finally stock levels are automatically updated to your website ready for the next customer.

Now imagine all this happening instantly.

This process can run each time an order comes through, whether you receive one or one thousand orders a second, any time of day, our solution can handle any volume of data, removing the risk of human error.

How We Helped

Eureka Addons Sage 200 Development Case Study

with Ecommerce integration

SkateHut are a leading online retailer of extreme sportswear, founded in 2007 the company has grown over time with their range extending to over 20,000 product lines including skateboards, scooters, bikes, footwear, skates and clothing.

We were able to create a solution to unify their business systems which include: Sage 200, Microsoft Excel, Peoplevox, Blubolt, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify and KCPOS.

Thanks to our integration, SkateHut have been able to automate cost and time-consuming aspects of their sales, stock management and fulfilment processes, saving over 48 hours of staff time every month.

Decision makers are able to easily generate financial reports for their entire operation from within their ERP system, confident in the fact the data is accurate and up to date. This gives clear visibility of performance allowing for informed, strategic decision making.

Automating the processing of sales and keeping stock levels live on their Ecommerce sites is invaluable to SkateHut, ensuring they never over-promise or under-deliver to their customers.

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