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SkateHut Trust- Eureka Addons

“We originally started using Data Exchange about two years ago as a means to automate certain purchasing tasks, such as importing new items and purchase orders into Sage 200. It was the stability, speed and well-defined ruleset of the Data Exchange module that made us realise Eureka Solutions’ Data Exchange was the best application for all our Sage 200 integration needs.”

David Wilmore – Stock Systems Manager at SkateHut Limited

“Eureka Solutions had the ability to customise Sage 200 to make it work the way we needed to, and continue to provide us with excellent support to assist our continued business growth.”

Bill Gow – Finance Director at Goals Soccer Centres PLC

Goals Soccer Centres Trust Eureka Addons for Sage 200
Numed Healthcare Trust Eureka Addons for Sage 200

“Eureka have understood our needs and requirements all the way through the specification process, to delivery and training. Their developers are both skilled and professional, backed up by an efficient support team. The overall experience was both smooth and rewarding for Numed moving from multiple databases and systems to a single combined solution, and we would not hesitate to recommend Eureka Solutions to other businesses.”

Nick Kenyon – Head of Operations at Numed Healthcare

“Eureka Solutions’ addons have really made Sage 200 work for us and their bespoke products have been outstanding. They have taken the time to understand our requirements thoroughly and have provided the solutions that we needed.”

Bill Davies – IT & Web Development Manager at VW Heritage

VW Heritage Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200
Westside Distribution Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200

“As our company expanded we outgrew Sage Line 50 and then were faced with the daunting task of switching to a more accommodating product. The migration process to Sage 200 was made entirely painless with the aid of Eureka’s inventive and intelligent specialists. Eureka’s Sage 200 Addons have proven to be incredibly beneficial to us and having Eureka ‘in our corner’ evolving new processes and assisting in future development is a crucial part of our future resource planning.”

John McAndrew – It manager at Westside Distribution

“Eureka Solutions always take the time to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients, they are very perceptive and responsive in providing the solutions that we need. Their Addon products provide us with an excellent and valuable solution for our clients and I have no hesitation in recommending Eureka Solutions and their Sage 200 Addon Products as we continue to utilise them throughout our client base.”

Stephanie Davies – Managing Director at Brook Software Solutions

Brook Software Solutions Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients
Neogen Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200

“Eureka Solutions was selected over other business partners as they had the skills to tweak and develop the software which ensured I never heard the statement ‘the software won’t do that’.”

Steven Donnachie – Company Accountant at Neogen Europe Ltd

“The Eureka Addons have provided many of my customers with cost effective easy to use solutions that work”

Account Manager at Datel

Datel Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients
Red Business Systems Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients

“Eureka Solutions have enabled our customers to get more from their Sage 200 System – we now discuss Eureka Addons in all our Sage 200 Product Demonstrations. Eureka Solutions Data Exchange has allowed our customers to do more with less resources, the ROI must be measured in months!”

Phil Stephens – Managing Director at Red Business Systems

“Our team at DB have used Eureka Solutions’ Data Exchange for many years, we have been impressed by its simplicity and ease of use. Data Exchange saves our clients a huge amount of time and creates more of a true ERP solution.  The Eureka Development Team have completed many bespoke modifications for our Sage 200 clients which were cost effective, deployed rapidly and work”

Ian Cumiskey – Managing Director at DB Computer Solutions

db Computer Solutions Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients
Datel Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients

“The Eureka Addons have certainly contributed to me winning many of my Sage 200 deals, a rapid response to a query or a question is paramount, the team at Eureka Solutions respond quickly even if the question are asked out of hours – I have no hesitation in recommending Eureka Solutions for their addons or development expertise.”

New Business Sales Consultant at Datel

“Eureka Solutions have interpreted our specification document and quite simply delivered what it said on the tin. The library of Sage addons they have is really quite impressive – if you need something for Sage 200 – ask them, it’s quite likely they’ve got something.”

Chris R Houghton – Managing Director at Eventura

Eventura Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients
TSG Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients

“Eureka Solutions offers robust solutions that enhance the Sage 200 Suite.  Whenever we’ve asked the team at Eureka Solutions if they can help with ensuring a close fit with our customer, they have always obliged with that customer focus at the heart.”

Paul Ince – Solutions Architect at TSG

“I have worked with Eureka Solutions’ software for the majority of my Sage career and I have always found their products and, crucially, their customer service, to be of the utmost quality. They have a very stable team who are always willing to get stuck in and are enjoyable to work with.”

Chris Smith – Commercial Director – Smith Cooper System Partners Ltd

Smith Cooper Recommend Eureka Addons for Sage 200 to their Clients

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