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Jobs & Business Glasgow

Who are they?

Jobs & Business Glasgow are a social organisation who are committed to increasing employability among Glasgow residents. Services range from training courses, CV and interview preparation, to support for entrepreneurs who intend to start their own business.

In the last year, Jobs and Business Glasgow advisers have provided more than 17,000 Glasgow people with tailored one-to-one support, provided support to 305 of the city’s social enterprises and helped to create over 900 jobs through start-ups or expansions.

“The web-based purchasing order Addon has transformed the process”

Margaret Monaghan | Finance Operations Manager

Due to the volume of customers and the support required, Jobs & Business Glasgow were finding their business processes under increasing pressure. One of these processes was the purchasing of all aspects of office inventory which were carried out manually by filling out order forms on paper.

Staff then had to deliver these orders to a member of senior management for authorisation meaning it would take a considerable amount of time for the order to reach the finance office.

The Problem

Outdated Processes

The Solution

Web Orders for Sage 200

Jobs & Business Glasgow decided that the Eureka Addons Web Orders for Sage 200 module would give them the flexibility they required to streamline this outdated and time consuming process. This module allows users to create purchase orders in Sage 200 from any browser-enabled device, without the need for additional Sage user licences.

These purchase orders can be created in seconds, updated in Sage 200 in real-time and submitted to senior management for approvals instantly, with managers receiving email notifications when an order is submitted for their approval.

We also create bespoke skins for Jobs & Business Glasgow and each of their subsidiary companies, allowing the system to be easily recognised and adopted by staff.

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Web Orders for Sage 200


“The web-based purchasing order Addon has transformed the process, created a more robust authorisation process and given us a much greater degree of financial control.  As a result, we are now introducing the web-based sales order Addon too.”

“With the Web PO Addon to Sage 200, we now have 150 user licences for the electronic purchase order system. Each person has a unique login and pin and the purchase order links directly to our supplier database which is held on Sage”

“We have different authorisation levels – operations managers and senior managers – and the system sends an email to the relevant manager and the ordering process can be monitored by the finance office.”

Margaret Monaghan | Finance Operations Manager | Jobs & Business Glasgow

“It has freed up people’s time, we can now keep track of what has been ordered, when and by whom and maintain a strict oversight on what is being spent within the organisation.”

The Result

Process Transformation