Case Study

Numed Healthcare Trust Eureka Addons for Sage 200


Who are they?

Numed Healthcare are a leading supplier of innovative medical products designed to save time, reduce costs and improve patient care. Operating from Sheffield, Numed provide pioneering medical devices to those in the healthcare industry.

As well as manufacturing and selling medical equipment, DeSoutter Medical also manage the repair, maintenance and warranty of their products.

Numed required the ability to store, view and track their contracts, assets, renewals and repairs; functionality not available in Sage 200 as standard.

Due to the nature of their industry it is essential to keep a record of the equipment sold and leased to customers, and to track repairs and renewal information against specific contracts.

To ensure compliance with FCA guidelines Numed required customisation of their Direct Debit scheduling. This involved the functionality to offer three new renewal types and the ability to view Direct Debit schedules from the contract screen.

Numed also required renewal notices to be automatically generated and sent to clients prior to automatic rollover.

As Numed were dedicating a significant amount of time to data entry in the form of manual calculation of contract prices, they requested a feature which would automate this process and reduce errors.

The Problem

Limited contract management functionality

“Utilising our Warranties, Service and Repair Addon we were able to work closely with Numed and create a bespoke module, giving them enhanced functionality to suit their requirements.”

The Solution

Warranties, Service and Repairs

Utilising our Warranties, Service and Repairs for Sage 200 Addon we were able to work closely with Numed and create a bespoke module, giving them enhanced functionality to suit their requirements.

This included the design and integration of three unique desktop lists; allowing Numed clear visibility of their assets, repairs, renewals and contracts, streamlining their previous processes. These lists are also fully customisable, allowing users to add and remove columns to suit individual requirements.

In order for Numed to comply with FCA regulations, a new Direct Debit schedule routine was added in the existing contract maintenance routine.

This gives users clear visibility of customers’ payment schedules, allowing for payment dates and frequency to be amended to suit client needs.

We were also able to devise additional features to further improve Numed’s efficiency; including time saving and error reducing elements such as the automatic calculation of contract prices and discounts to replace the manual process.

Taking advantage of Eureka Solutions’ bespoke Sage 200 development has allowed Numed to improve their customer service and relationships by giving staff the ability to easily keep track of and process contract renewals.

The processing time cost savings have helped Numed significantly, by cutting down replication of work in multiple databases, and greatly speeding up the generation of contract renewal notices from what was previously five days to a few minutes.

Numed have also seen a significant increase in their contract renewal rate of more than 20% and associated revenues by simplified and automated processes ensuring no renewal dates are missed.

The added functionality of being able to view and amend Direct Debit schedules ensures Numed comply with regulatory requirements and can correctly notify customers when contracts are due for renewal.

Features such as automatic price calculation have also resulted in significant savings in time and improved information accuracy compared to the previous method. These solutions have given Numed the tools and capability to ensure their customers’ contracts and renewals are managed effectively and efficiently.

“Numed have seen an increase in their contract renewal rate of more than 20%”

“Time taken to generate renewal notices has decreased by 99.9%”

The Result

Full Warranty, Service and Repair Management

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