Skate Hut

Case Study

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Who are they?

SkateHut are a leading online retailer of extreme sportswear. Founded in 2007, the company has grown over time with their range now extending to over 20,000 product lines such as: skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes, footwear and clothing.

Operating from three warehouses and three retail stores, the company has a strong online presence, selling through their Ecommerce website and online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and Tesco.

“The company were operating with disparate systems which made creating financial reports a struggle, impacting their ability to plan strategically and make timely decisions.”

SkateHut’s multi-channel business model requires them to utilise a variety of systems, which must communicate to ensure they deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Previously relying on a third-party integration platform, SkateHut encountered severe issues with the solution, resulting in regular transfer errors, difficulty diagnosing failed imports and inconsistent data across their business.

The company were operating with disparate systems which made creating financial reports a struggle, impacting their ability to plan strategically and make timely decisions.

The Problem

Inconsistent Data

“Automating the processing of sales and stock level management on their Ecommerce sites is invaluable to SkateHut, ensuring they never over-promise or under-deliver to their customers.”

The Solution

Bespoke Integration

To give SkateHut the level of synchronisation they required, we devised a bespoke integration model which would facilitate their complex system connections.

SkateHut challenged us to integrate their back-office systems which include: Sage 200, Microsoft Excel and Peoplevox, their warehouse management software.

These had to be linked with SkateHut’s Ecommerce platforms which consist of: Blubolt, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify and KCPOS.

SkateHut’s mix of VATable and non-VATable products made VAT reporting a complex, time-consuming task. We worked with the company’s accounts department to develop a solution to greatly simplify the process.

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SkateHut have found that all integrations have been running with a 100% success rate, the solution has removed the need to manually manipulate data between systems, saving staff an average of 40 minutes every day.

Decision makers now have confidence in the figures produced in respect to EU & UK VAT data. The appropriate rates are now applied to all sales, saving the company around 18 hours per month.

Accurate sales data is now regularly imported allowing sales & margins to be frequently reviewed saving staff an average of 6 hours per month.

Prior to our intervention all of SkateHut’s returns had to be manually recorded on spreadsheets and batch imported into Sage 200, we were able to automate this entire process, saving staff an average of 7 hours per month.

SkateHut now benefit from having their core business systems synchronised, streamlining their entire Ecommerce operation. Thanks to the integration, SkateHut have been able to automate cost and time-consuming aspects of their sales, stock and fulfilment processes, saving over 48 hours every month.

“It was the stability, speed and well-defined ruleset of the module that made us realise Eureka Solutions’ Data Exchange was the best application for all SkateHut’s integration needs”

The Result

Optimised Ecommerce



Sales & Profit Reporting Functionality


Hours of Staff Time Saved Each year


Data Transfer Success Rate

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