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We offer a range of Addons which enhance the standard functionalities of Sage. These have been honed and developed in response to customer feedback to ensure they deliver measurable benefits to your business

Additional Addons

Stock Plus

Multi-Dimension Stock Matrix Functionality

Fixed Assets

Manage Assets with Automated Calculations

Data Exchange

Transfer Data to and from Sage 50

Stock Plus

for Sage 200

Stock Plus for Sage 200 enhances standard Sage 200 stock with multi-dimension stock matrix functionality, retail store replenishment, barcodes and promotional pricing. Features of this Addon include:

  • Multi-dimension stock matrix functionality for Sage 200
  • Efficiently manage stock items with multiple colours and sizes
  • Ideal replacement for Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail
  • Replenish stock at stores from a central warehouse
  • Promotional pricing offers for Sage 200
  • Automatically generate and print barcodes in Sage 200
“Eureka Solutions’ Addons have really made Sage 200 work for us, and their bespoke products have been outstanding.
They have taken the time to understand our requirements thoroughly and have provided the solutions that we needed.”
Bill Davies | VW Heritage Parts Centre

Data Exchange is an integration product which automatically transfers data to and from Sage 50. Increase your efficiency by connecting your third-party systems with Sage 50.

  • Cut data entry time in half
  • Ensure data accuracy by removing the manual re-keying of data
  • Automatically import & export Sage 50 Data
  • Upload your product catalogue from Sage 50 to your website.
  • Conduct analysis from one system as all sales and purchase data is available in Sage 50.

Data Exchange

for Sage 50

“The Eureka add-ons have provided many of my customers with cost effective, easy to use solutions that work”
Account Manager | Datel

Fixed Assets

For Sage 200

This module provides a quick and simple way of managing your assets within Sage 200 by taking care of complex depreciation calculations.

  • Stay in control of all your assets with greater visibility
  • Complete traceability of all assets
  • Reduce manual errors with automatic calculations of depreciation values
  • Save valuable time with automatic asset creation
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Luckies trust eureka addons for sage 200
Play Inspection Company trust eureka addons for sage 200
Timorous Beasties Trust Eureka Addons for Sage 200
Tutti and Co Trust Eureka Addons for Sage 200
Unique Fundraising Trust Eureka Addons for Sage 200

Update COVID-19

Eureka Solutions would like to reassure all customers and partners that our team are now operating remotely to ensure the safety of everyone in accordance with the current government advice.

The true cloud-based nature of all of our key systems means that this remote working will cause no disruption to assistance from our support team, consultants, account managers or any element of our full customer service provision.

We have changed face-to-face customer and vendor meetings to online formats using the advanced collaboration tools that have become integral to our business and which have helped to support increased productivity, flexibility and mobility.

Here are some details of our arrangements which we trust you will find useful:

Our phone system is cloud-based and all staff working remotely are accessible via the standard phone number, 01355 581 960.

The support team use Oracle NetSuite for their Help Desk system which is accessible by all of our team remotely. You can contact us via phone or on our usual support email support@eurekasolutions.co.uk

Our collaboration tools for communication and file sharing run on cloud platforms which allow us to offer a seamless content sharing solution both internally and for our customers and partners.

We have the capability to access customer content remotely and any training can be provided using online screen-sharing platforms.

As always, we remain committed to supporting your business with a high level of customer service.

If you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of our team.

Many thanks,

The Eureka Solutions Team

01355 581 960